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  • Ear care in Pets
    How to Properly Care for Your Pet's Ears How long has it been since you took a peek at your pet's ears? Examining your furry friend's ears, whether they're floppy or Read more
  • Leaving pets in a car
    Why You Never Want to Leave Your Pet in the Car News stories about pets dying in hot cars begin appearing in the news media about this time every year. Unfortunately, Read more
  • Pet nutrition
    pet nutrition Read more
    Does Your Pet Need Insurance?: Pet Health Insurance Basics Good health doesn't last forever. Even the healthiest pet can eventually develop kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, or swallow string or other foreign Read more
  • Nail trim in dogs and cats
    Nail Trimming Do's and Don'ts Nail trimming should be a quick, simple procedure. Unfortunately, this basic grooming task often turns into a stressful experience for people and pets alike. Whether you're Read more
  • Pet Massage
    Massage Offers Important Benefits for Pets Have you given your pet a massage recently? The hands-on therapy isn't just for humans but also provides a few benefits for our furry friends. Massage Read more
  • Giving meds to your pets
    ~~Try These Tricks the Next Time You Have to Give Your Pet Medication Have you noticed that your pet seems to develop jaws of steel when it's time for a dose Read more
  • How to tell your pet's age from it's teeth
    How to Tell Your Pet's Age From Its Teeth Do you know your pet's age? If you adopted your furry friend, his or her age may be a mystery. Fortunately, a Read more
  • Does my pet need summer grooming
    Should my pet get a summer haircut? A summer haircut may help you feel more comfortable during hot, humid summer weather, but it won't have the same effect on your pet. Read more
  • Reducing the spread of disease at home
    Reducing the Spread of Disease When You Have Multiple Pets What's worse than a sick pet? Three of them! Viruses and parasitic infections can quickly spread among your pets, making them Read more
  • Why do pets hide when they are sick
    Why Do Pets Hide When They're Sick? Has it been awhile since you've seen your pet? Although your cat, dog or rabbit could just be enjoying a little nap in a Read more
  • Can I get sick from my pet
    Can I Catch an Illness from My Pet? Rabies isn't the only disease transmitted from animals to humans. In fact, you and your pet may share more diseases than you may Read more
  • Shedding
    All About Shedding: Is My Pet Shedding Too Much? Does your pet leave piles of hair behind everywhere he or she goes? Although all dogs and cats shed, excessive shedding may be Read more
  • Hot Spots Allergies and itchy skin in pets
    Hot Spots and Pets: What You Can Do to Help Your Furry Friend Scratching is the natural reaction when your skin itches, whether you're a person or an animal. Although a Read more
  • Vet visit comfort
                     How to Make Vet Visits a More Pleasant Experience for Your Pet Does your normally docile, friendly pet turn into the Tasmanian Devil the moment you pull into the veterinarian's Read more
  • Does my pet dream?
    ~Does My Pet Dream? If you've ever watched your pet twitch, twist, and growl when sleeping, you've probably wondered if he or she is having a particularly interesting dream that involves Read more
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